Nossas jóias em ouro são feitas sob encomenda



Born in the digital age, surrounded by technology, Zaith was born from the desire to unite the art of traditional jewelry with the innovation of the world we live in today.

We seek in our production the best digital tools for creating models and prototypes before creating the physical part.

We choose the most qualified and safe stone supplier, guaranteeing the quality and durability of Brazilian gemstones.

The assembly and finishing of the piece is done by highly qualified goldsmiths with many years of experience.

Our goal is to unite the modern with the classic, the digital with the timeless, making these concepts expressed through design, quality, identity and photography.

To minimize the amount of paper used and reduce the environmental impact, we send the guarantee and authenticity certificate via blockchain, immortalizing the piece not only physically but also digitally.

The word Zaith was born from the German expression Zeitgeist, which means the spirit of the time/of the moment. Our essence and objective is to always keep up with trends and innovation, without losing the artisanal and traditional way of immortalizing a piece


Mix and Match

Create your own jewelry, choose the piece that matches your ideal style.

First choose the size, then choose the gold color and lastly the gemstone that suits you best. Mix and match, let your creativity flow and we'll make it for you.


BlockChain Register

A non-fungible token is a special type of cryptographic token that represents something unique.

The pieces from the first collection come with an exclusive token.

If you purchase one of the selected pieces, we will send the NFT to your wallet while you wait for your piece to arrive.

All Zaith jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity and guarantee registered on BlockChain through the Verisart platform.

You can access the certificate through a QR Code or by email.